Parking Action Group

The Parking Action Group (PAG) was convened in 2014 by the-then Minister of Consumer Affairs, Hon Craig Foss, to develop a voluntary code of practice for parking enforcement on private land, to replace an earlier voluntary code of practice which focussed solely on wheel clamping.

The PAG comprises representatives from the NZ Parking Association, AA, Consumer NZ, Secure Parking, Tournament Parking and Wilson Parking.

The new voluntary Code of Practice for Parking Enforcement on Private Land was introduced in 2015 and has been adopted by the above parking companies and their respective enforcement divisions.

The Code prescribes a hierarchy of enforcement tools which emphasises the use of breach notices as the primary means of enforcement, and discourages the use of wheel clamping. It also includes guidelines on signage to maximise compliance, customer services, evidential requirements, and a complaints and appeals process. The Code contains sample signs and markings, and templates for breach notices and reminder and appeal letters.

The PAG meets periodically to oversee the administration of the Code, and explore other initiatives such as investigating the merits of establishing an independent parking disputes adjudicator, initially for private-sector disputes. Download the PDF below see the PAG Code of Practice. 

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Parking Action Group members:

Matt Ransom, Wilson Parking NZ Ltd